As more people work remotely, it can be challenging to find an adequate working space inside your home. While most people work from a bedroom, kitchen, living room or dining room, a new trend is emerging for a location most telecommuters might not have considered: the backyard.

The sixty-second walk to a backyard office provides the feeling of being “somewhere else” while remaining accessible to family and co-workers. 

A Backyard Office is versatile as well. If can easily be converted to a place to stay overnight, extra storage space or even a Pool house changing room. 

The possibilities are endless!

Get to know a Backyard Office

FAQs to help determine if one is right for You


The cost starting point is approximately $15,000. This includes a concrete slab foundation, electrical, building and finish materials for a 10' X 10' Space. Don't confuse a 10' X 10' shed with a finished Backyard Office. A shed is unfinished and its sole purpose is for storage, while a Backyard Office Space has versatile uses and is most importantly, air conditioned. 


10' X 10' is a good size for a Backyard Office. A large desk, bookshelf and lounging chair fit comfortably in this area. This amount of space can easily be cooled or heated as needed. It is also an ideal size that most HOAs will approve. Any larger means a larger budget.  


If you don't want the hassle of pulling City permits, figuring out the materials to use or overseeing several trades to get your Backyard Office built, then you are at the right place! Yes, there are several Pre-Fab options out there, but you still need a concrete slab foundation and electricity. We will custom build one to meet your needs!


The real genius of a Backyard Office is the flexibility it offers. It can easily be used as a great reading nook, play room, and even as a place for guests to sleep. As a Backyard Office, you get privacy with the convenience of being  just steps from your Home.