COVID-19 Recovery: Healing by Living

So, how does something like updating your backyard fit in with our shared new reality after Covid-19? Simple, we are helping you and you are helping countless others, just by choosing to move forward.

Here is who your choice will help:

You- by showing that you have the confidence to move forward. When you see your backyard being transformed, you too, will feel a transformation. You'll get a new start in an Outdoor Living Space or Custom Pool that you can truly enjoy year round!

Us- by giving us a purpose again, as well as income. 

Our subcontractors and home improvement suppliers- by giving them a purpose and income too, benefiting from a new project.

Local businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues- by sharing our means to live, which equates to frequenting all the businesses that rely on our patronage to live as well.

All our families- by our example, they will feel the positive impact as well, helping them heal and live again too!

So this is a call to action. Once we have taken care of one another, it is imperative that we start living again, as this will be part of the healing process. Who knows, maybe the new normal will be better than we imagined. Healing by living, what a novel idea! 

Does Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools Provide a Warranty?

YES! At Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools, we stand behind our work. We provide an industry standard one (1) year warranty on construction, with some exclusions applicable. Pool warranties start with limited lifetime on gunite and 15 years on pool interior.  All appliances and equipment are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranty(s), which can extend coverage on some items up to 10 years. 

We've got you covered!

Does Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools Help with Financing?

At Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools, we will work with Your Financial Institution as needed for You to obtain the financing required. We will provide all documentation requested from Your Financial Institution as the Contractor of Your Project. Since most Lending Institutions follow similar procedures, we have had experience in this area and are confident that the process will go smoothly on our end.

What Forms of Payment does Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools Accept?

We offer many payment options to accommodate your needs: 

1. Check

2. Most App Transfers (Zelle, Google Wallet, etc)

3. Paypal (add 3% for processing)

4. Your Credit Card (add 3.51% for processing)

With a variety of options to choose from, we strive to make your experience with us as easy and uncomplicated as possible. We want your focus to be on which Pool Tile or Outdoor Kitchen Granite to select, not the boring business aspect. As always, if you have any questions, we will gladly help!

How Long will My Project take to Complete?

This is an excellent question! Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools strives to complete Your Project in a timely manner. However, since Quality is our main objective, we refuse to cut corners just to save time. As you know, an Outdoor Project is greatly affected by the conditions of the day. Rain and inclement weather are factors that are beyond our control. Time of year is another variable element, as well as Subcontractor availability. The bottom line, Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools will keep you updated regarding Project details and strives to exceed Your expectations!

Why Should I Choose Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools to Complete My Project?

Experience alone is a substantial reason why You should choose Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools to complete Your next Outdoor Project. Quality Craftsmanship, which is evident in the photos of numerous Projects I have completed, is yet another reason for selecting Russell Outdoor Living and Custom Pools with confidence. I've lived in the Houston area all my life and have relationships with subcontractors and suppliers that span decades. My expertise is in Construction, not sales, making my approach to Your Project straightforward and reliable, not pressured. Since communication is key to any successful Project, from start to completion, I will be Your point of contact. As Your partner in this  journey, You are choosing a proven leader who truly understands creativity, insight and function as a means to make Your vision a reality. It would be my honor to travel this path with You.

Would We like MORE Customers Like YOU?

Absolutely! When I started my business, one of my goals was (and still is) to elevate the Quality of Life for as many people as possible. Are there one or two people you know that could use my help to create an Outdoor Living Space to enjoy? If so, please send them my contact information or the link to this website. By far, the most common way others learn about my business is through word of mouth. Thanks in advance for sending Your Friends, Family and Colleagues my way!   

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