Harvey-The storm of the century


The Houston astros-world SERIES champions!

Making Life Better One Backyard at a Time


Harvey May Have Knocked Us Down, But We Will Get Back Up!

Living my entire life in the Houston area, I have never seen such widespread devastation to my Hometown. At one point during the storm, we made makeshift sandbags and watched as the water quickly crept closer and closer to our home. When it was over, we were spared. Though we consider ourselves as part of the “lucky” ones, we know so many who have been impacted by this storm. One thing is certain, rescues will finally end and we WILL begin rebuilding. While many may only feel desperation now, hope and a brand new start await them. As we see our neighbors coming together during this trying time, it is important to continue our efforts through the coming days and months ahead. We can be their rainbow after the storm.

UPDATE:  Rebuilding has begun, but with so many displaced, we must continue to give of our resources, whether it's time or money, to continue the relief efforts. We truly are Houston Strong!

To help our friends and neighbors during this time of crisis, now and into the months to come, I suggest 

donating to the Houston Food Bank. A link to their site is below. 

Houston Food Bank

...and with a Much Needed Diversion, Here come the Houston Astros in the Postseason


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...and with a Much Needed Diversion from the Recent Relief and Rebuilding Efforts, Here come the Houston Astros in the Postseason

Sports have always been part of my life. Golf is my leisurely pastime and I truly enjoy football and basketball. However, baseball has its roots deep within me. Growing up, I loved playing the game. I was competitive and it was not just part of my life, it was life. Memories of those times at the field, pitching, running, cheering on my teammates, are still clear to me today. Baseball brings people together. Regardless of what may be happening in our lives, we can turn to baseball to give us a break. Maybe it takes us back to happier times. Or, maybe it's just that it embodies all that is right with the world; people sharing time together, laughing, cheering and just enjoying life, for life’s sake.  


After all, it’s been called “America’s favorite pastime."

In celebration of an excellent Astros season, I’d like to share with you some family history. Just a little hint to what this article covers, a quote in regards to the beginning and future of baseball in Houston about my uncle, ‘’Now we just need to make sure we remember the man who made it all possible. His name was Allen Russell and, as far as I’m concerned, he’s also the real father of major league baseball in Houston.” ...and to you I say, Baseball Forever!


This man watched the Houston Buffs and is hoping for an Astros World Series! Go Astros!