Next Stop, the Future in Your Outdoor Space

High-Tech is not just for the office these days. Cutting edge technology is now in the forefront in the Outdoor Living industry. This is great news for not only Engineers who can appreciate tech moving Outdoors, but also those who just want to enjoy some downtime on their devices while taking in some fresh air.

Here are some examples of Tech Savvy products that can easily be incorporated into your Outdoor Living Space:

Remote Control Everything

It's no secret that most devices come with remotes. From Outdoor Ceiling Fans to Fireplaces, the remote takes the convenience of our lives to another level.

We can incorporate these into your new Outdoor Living Space!

Outdoor Speakers

Nothing sets the mood like music. With Outdoor Speakers integrated into your new Patio Cover, you’ll be the IT house on the block. Relax to your favorite tunes or crank them up when you want to celebrate. 

We can wire your new Patio Cover for your Speakers!

Outdoor Theater 

Can you believe how far we’ve come in digital media? Now there is a mini projector that you can pair with your phone or laptop to bring the magic of movies or your favorite YouTube videos to your backyard. Add popcorn and you're set!

Get Connected

This item is very useful, making it essential. Imagine having a place to recharge your phone or a handy USB port for all of your devices right at your fingertips while enjoying your Outdoor Living Space. It has a pop-up feature, allowing it to be easily hidden when not in use.

We can add this handy device to your new Outdoor Kitchen!